Pizza al diavolo


Italian style pizza. Makes 4 pizzas, about 1 hour of preparation time.

The Ingredients

270ml Warm Water
8g Dry Yeast
500g Strong White Flour
1 tsp Salt
Olive Oil

Crushed Tomato
Hot Salami

The Base

Begin preparing the base no more than a few hours before you plan on using it.

Whisk the water and yeast together, then leave to stand for 10 minutes.

Combine the flour and salt, fold in the water and yeast. Mix until an even consistency.

Lightly dust the bench with flour, then kneed the dough for 8 minutes.

Lightly coat the inside of a bowl with olive oil, place the dough inside, and cover with a damp cloth. Leave to rise for 30 minutes, or until you’re ready to cook.

The Pizza

Divide the dough into four 190g portions. Lightly dust the bench with flour, and roll out the dough into bases of approximately 30cm diameter.

Spread the crushed tomato, salami, basil and bocconcini on each base, according to taste.

Cooking varies depending on your method, you will probably need to experiment with this. If you have a pizza oven, choose the appropriate setting for thin crust pizza, and cook for approximately 10 minutes. For normal ovens, pre-heat to 250°C, and cook for 5-10 minutes. For either, you should aim for the crust to be golden, but the cheese to have not changed colour.

Enjoy with a light red wine – Sangiovese or Tempranillo tend to go well.